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I've had the privilege of working full-time in the multimedia field from it's infancy. I was hired to be part of a team that produced Canada's first Level III Interactive Videodisc (IVD) in 1984. During the development of the Trades Calculations IVD project, I took on roles as the videographer/editor, graphic designer, instructional designer and computer programmer. Since then I've been actively involved in developing a variety of multimedia projects primarily in the elearning field. In 1995 Canadore College hired me to startup and Coordinate the Interactive Multimedia program. As you can imagine, I now have gigs of sample files and lessons that I use when I teach. A number of years ago I released a CD called 100 Authorware Tutorials which contains about 12 hours of instruction over 670 MB of disc space. I think this site will exceed that number. Not only do I teach the full-time students at Canadore College, but I also teach customized workshops at a variety of businesses and conferences. On top of the teaching and running my own business, I also consult with businesses that want to start utilizing technology better with their learning strategy. As my schedule permits, I'll speak at a number of conferences throughout North America including SALT, DevLearn and The League

Over the years I've received numerous requests for tutorials and lessons. While I have a lot of samples, I don't have a central repository of tutorials. So, I thought I'd start creating them. As time permits I will continue to add more to this list. If there is something you are looking for that hasn't been added yet, send me an email or a Tweet on Twitter. I can look at moving the production of that tutorial to the top. Enjoy!

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